Microsoft Fabric Data Engineering & Data Science with Justyna Lucznik

In this episode of Kasper On BI we are talking about Microsoft Fabric’s Data engineering & Data science. We will dive into both areas and talk about what they are and what you can use them for. These experiences are not new in the industry but are now part of the Fabric SaaS experience, we will discuss why this is exciting and what benefits there are. We will also dive a bit into the origins and how Spark is integrated into Fabric.

Finally, we talk about how this relates to Power BI and the Power BI developers.

The expert on today’s episode is Justyna Lucznik, Justyna is Partner Program Manager at the Microsoft Fabric team and leads the Data engineering & Data science teams there.

Your host is Kasper de Jonge, Principal Program manager on the Power BI\Fabric team at Microsoft.

This episode is also available on YouTube:

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Justyna on Twitter:
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Fabric Lakehouse:
Fabric Data Engineering:
Fabric Data engineering Samples:
Fabric Data Science:
Fabric Data science Samples:
Microsoft Fabric decision guide: data warehouse or lakehouse:

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