Microsoft Fabric Lakehouse & Warehouse Engineering Deep dive with Bogdan Crivat

In this episode of Kasper On BI we are talking about Microsoft Fabric’s Lakehouse & Warehouse. In Microsoft Fabric you can work with your data in the Lake using the tools you are familiar with. You can use a warehouse if you want to use Stored procedures or a Lakeshouse when you want to use Spark and Python.  We will discuss some of the evolution in the data industry and Microsoft’s part in it with the oncoming of “big data” and spark and how Fabric helps companies make more use of the data available.

We will also talk about how Fabric warehouse was developed in record time leaning heavily on Microsoft’s own industry leaning products like VertiPaq, CCI and Synapse dedicated pools.

The expert on today’s episode is Bogdan Crivat, Bogdan is a VP at Microsoft responsible for all development of Fabric’s Lakehouse & Warehouse and a longtime member of the Microsoft BI team having roots as developer on the Multi-dimensional model.

Your host is Kasper de Jonge, Principal Program manager on the Power BI\Fabric team at Microsoft.

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