Power BI automation with PowerShell and GitHub CoPilot with Frank Geisler

In this episode of Kasper On BI we are talking about Automating Power BI and Azure with PowerShell and GitHub CoPilot.  Why is it important to know this? Why would I care as a BI developer? What are some of the things PowerShell can do for me? How can I get started with this? What is this GitHub CoPilot?

The expert on today’s episode is Frank Geisler. He is a Data platform MVP from Germany and owner of  GDS business intelligence and a well know data speaker and blogger at conferences.

Your host is Kasper de Jonge, Principal Program manager on the Power BI team at Microsoft.

This episode is also available as podcast on your favorite podcast provider like iTunes or Spotify.

Links from the episode:

Interesting Modules:

Phil Seamarks DAX games: https://dax.tips/dax-games/

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