What is Data Mesh on Azure with Power BI with Paul Andrew

In this episode of Kasper On BI we are talking about Data Mesh. It is something that we have been hearing more and more about in the last year. Data Mesh is an interesting data management solution that is a new approach to sourcing, sharing, accessing, and managing analytical data at scale.

In this episode we will investigate what it is? How is it different than traditional DWH (Kimbal\Imnon?). What are the benefits? How to build and set it up? What about governance? What role does Power BI play?

The expert on today’s episode is Paul Andrew. Paul is Technical Architect for Avanade UK and in this capacity works with many of the largest global customers on their data architecture. Paul is also a Microsoft Data platform MVP, a speaker at conferences and blogger at his blog: https://mrpaulandrew.com/

This episode is also available on YouTube at: https://youtu.be/J3gihXam1k4

Links mentioned in the episode:
Paul on LinkedIn: Paul Andrew | LinkedIn
Pauls blog series on Data Mesh: Building a Data Mesh Architecture in Azure – Part 1 – Welcome to the Blog & Website of Paul Andrew (mrpaulandrew.com)
The Data Mesh book: Data Mesh [Book] (oreilly.com)
Thoughtworks Data Mesh: Data Mesh | Thoughtworks
Thoughtworks Lessons from the trenches in Data Mesh video: Lessons from the trenches in Data Mesh – Zhamak Dehghani and Sina Jahan

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