Power Pivot and Power View now available in Excel Stand-alone

The Excel team has made some changes necessary to the Excel code that allows Power Pivot and Power View to run in Excel Stand-Alone version. So you can now purchase a retail SKU that has Power Pivot and Power View in them. The Excel 2013 box (aka Excel 2013 standalone SKU) will now include the add-ins when installed. This will be the first offering of Excel that will allow you to go to the store and physically buy Power Pivot and Power View embedded in Excel 2013.  If you have already purchased this SKU, the next time Office updates via Click-to-Run, you will have the add-ins.

For more information on what version of Office contain Power Pivot and Power View see this blog post on the Excel support team blog. These are the SKU’s that have both add-ins:



11 Replies to “Power Pivot and Power View now available in Excel Stand-alone

  1. Hi Kasper,
    I just purchased a standalone Excel 2013 based on this post suggesting that it supported Power View and Power Pivot, however, it appears that no add-ins for either are available in the File>Options>Add-ins menu. Am I missing something? I was able to download the Power Query add-in from the Microsoft site, but couldn’t find equivalent add-ins for Power View and Power Pivot. What am I missing?

  2. Hi Colum, How did you get your version of Office? And can you please check the version number (Go to File–> Account)?

    Did you try to run Office update? That should bring older versions of Office up to date (again available through File –> Account).


  3. Kasper,
    I have Office 2010 installed …
    I didn’t want to update all office apps to 2013 but was just interested in Excel 2013 … given the availability of Power Pivot and Power View as part of the standalone.
    I purchased Excel 2013 from the Microsoft Store here:
    It appeared to install OK in the background … and seems to be the latest version available (15.0.4517.1509), but is missing the Power Pivot and Power View add-ins.
    I then came across this potential fix and downloaded the 32bit version (since the install above is 32bit … recommended by MS … even if my system is 64 bit).
    This shows a dialogue box with EULAID:015_RTM_CLT.1_SUPP_EN
    When I select accept terms and ‘Continue’ … I get “There are no products affected by this package installed on this system” … eventhough Excel 2013 is installed.
    Not sure what the issue is.

  4. Hi Colum,
    Thanks for reporting this, I have provided this information to the Excel support team and they are investigating.


    1. Hi Colum,

      Microsoft has found an issue with the August release of Excel 2013. This issue will cause the Power View and Power Pivot add-ins to not be able to load in Excel Retail Standalone 32- and 64-bit. This issue will be addressed as part of the Excel 2013 September update. You should automatically get this update.


  5. Kasper,
    I have not repurchases Excel 2013 yet, as I wanted to establish whether the standalone version has finally resolved the issue with Power Pivot and Power View? I see from the comments to this blog that issues remain unresolved up until early October at least.
    Thanks for your assistance.

  6. So I am still confused. I own MS OFFICE 2013 Professional addition. I have LARGE data sets, well over 10mg. What option do I have to actually get PowerPivot. Since I bought MS OFFICE when I had my maschine built, the only way I can get my money back for it, is to send my machine back to Lenovo. That would put me in a horrible position at work, to be within my machine even one afternoon is rough, for over 7 days, is impossible. What options do I have?

  7. i have updated Excel 2013 to version 15.0.5275.1000 but still cannot add in via Comm Add-Ins the POWER VIEW nor the POWER PIVOT as they do not seem to be available? the only Add-In available is POWER MAP.

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