PowerPivot API will be available in the future

Thanks to the great discussion some of us had on Twitter and the follow up on the PowerPivotPro blog we now know a PowerPivot API will be available in the future:

Patience guys. The API will be there.

We are just crunched on time to ship V1.0 of PowerPivot (remember – just 18 months from SQL 2008). But we have the full intention of exposing the API in full.

As MS BI consultant i’m really looking forward to PowerPivot but as developer with C# affinity i’m really excited on the prospect of the PowerPivot API. Think of all the potential projects you could do!

  • varun

    Is it available yet…?
    how long will this api take to publish?

  • Hi there,
    some news about the c# api for excel 2013 data model?

  • Kasper de Jonge

    Refa, you can use the Excel OM to work with the data model.