PowerPivot CTP3 (Beta) Download Links

Rob from PowerPivotPro.com has created a nice link overview for downloading PowerPivot CTP3:

Here is a collection of the links you will need to grab PowerPivot and try it out:)

Office 2010 Beta 2

You must have the most recent Beta of Excel 2010 installed prior to installing the PowerPivot addin.

Download Here

Note: Install 64-bit if you intend to use large data volumes.

PowerPivot for Excel 2010

This is the addin required to design PowerPivot models and reports in Excel 2010.

32-bit Public Download

64-bit Public Download

Note: the addin must match the architecture of the Office build installed – 32- or 64-bit

(Once you have Excel 2010 and the addin installed, you are good to go.  You don’t need to install SharePoint or the SharePoint addin below until you are ready to try out the server story.)

SharePoint 2010 Beta 2

MSDN Subscribers Download Here

PowerPivot for SharePoint 2010

This is the SharePoint addin that allows you to publish, share, and manage PowerPivot reports.  Requires SharePoint 2010 Beta 2, above.

MSDN Download Here

TechNet Download Here

On both sites, expand Servers, then look for SQL Server 2008 R2 – that contains the PowerPivot SharePoint addin.

I still have some problems installing the PowerPivot  add-in, Vidas pointed me on Twitter to the following blog post that suggests what i have to do:

Some folks are having problems with PowerPivot for Excel CTP3.  In all cases we have seen, this is because folks have installed only Excel when installing Office 14 beta 2.

For Office 14 Beta 2 / PowerPivot CTP3, you must include “Office Shared Tools” when installing Office.  The reason is that VSTO runtime is installed as part of Office Shared Tools and PowerPivot is a VSTO add-in.

If you installed only Excel and PowerPivot isn’t loading, you need to

1. Uninstall PowerPivot & Office 14
2. Reinstall Office 14 and include “Office Shared Tools”
3. Reinstall PowerPivot

That should fix things up.

This indeed works ! Now i can play with CPT3 myself !

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