PowerPivot FAQ roadshow at SQLPass EU

At the great PowerPivot FAQ PowerPivot experts from across the globe answer all kinds of questions on PowerPivot. So my idea was wouldn’t it be great if we could have a live FAQ session at SQLPass EU! Since 2 moderators are at the SQLPass EU this year i decided to contact the Pass committee, they liked the idea as well .

So without further ado: The great PowerPivot FAQ will be coming to you at the SQLPass EU this spring.

Wesley Backelant (from Microsoft Belgium and also moderator at the FAQ)  and I will be having a PowerPivot FAQ session at the SQLKitchen at SQLPass EU. Since this idea was kinda last minute the date and time aren’t available yet but i’ll keep you posted ! Maybe we can have other experts to answer questions as well. Of course questions that aren’t in the FAQ will be added on the spot !

Hope to see you there!

UPDATE: The session will be held on Friday from 11:45 to 12:45 at the SQLKitchen stand at the SQL Pass EU

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