PowerPivot import from multiple Identical Structure Excel Files

Often users want to import multiple identical Excel files into PowerPivot as one table. Unfortunately PowerPivot does not have native support for this.

The good thing is that there is a nice work around which someone else already blogged about. You can find out how to do it here: PowerPivot from Identical Structure Excel Files

  • Christoph

    Great! That was exactly the work around I was looking for. But it seems to be limited to approx 1m rows. At least I can’t do more…

  • Hans van Leijen

    Interesting. What I’m wondering is: “what” is evaluating that SQL statement? Is it somehow using a database engine?

  • Hans van Leijen

    Ah, I see, in fact by selecting a file, you’re creating a connection string that invokes Office Access Connectivity Engine (ACE), basically the Access database engine. I guess that the SQL statement is evaluated by that component.