Professional PowerPivot for Excel and SharePoint

A while back I got my hands on the Professional PowerPivot for Excel and SharePoint book by Sivakumar Harinath, Ron Pihlgren, and Denny Lee (one part of the great PowerPivotTwins).  

The book is mainly targeted at the BI Professional or IT Pro. Chucked with interesting facts and tips you need to know when you want to install or deploy PowerPivot. It also contains very funny story’s about how the product came to be with story’s from the team.

It is split up in three main parts, first an introduction to PowerPivot, why do we need PowerPivot and a first look at PowerPivot. Great introductory work from the writers. The second part is “Creating Self-Service BI Applications Using PowerPivot”. Here we learn how to work with PowerPivot itself from loading the data to publishing it to SharePoint.

The last part is truly meant for the It Pro with a setup, troubleshoot, architecture deep dive and Enterprise considerations. Great information anyone should know when they want to go and install PowerPivot for your company (or as a consultant).

I recommend this book for anyone who wants to start using or consulting PowerPivot at a professional level, it is really full with information and background. I read it in two days while I was on holiday 🙂 great stuff !

  • Kasper,

    Indeed a great book. At Kohera we developed a 1 day training “PowerPivot for Business Professionals” based on the first part of this.

    The book is now completely sold out in Belgium, I really bought all the last available copies 🙂 Friday I will be teaching the training for the first time. Looking forward to it.


  • Two days while on holiday, djeez, you started reading it before going to sleep and couldn’t stop until you finished it in the morning? 🙂

    (book added to reading list)