Screencast: Using datamining with PowerPivot in Excel

I’m currently talking to a client who is very charmed by the possibilities of PowerPivot to analyze data, one thing led to another and we came to data mining .. I got thinking wouldn’t it be GREAT if we could use the Excel data mining add-in on PowerPivot data (with DAX at our disposal). After some sparring with Rob Collie I found a way! Which I am going to show to you today in this screencast.

Think about the possibilities we have, make some great calculations with DAX to make a calculated column or measures and then unleash the power of the data mining add ins !

A few prerequisites: since the data mining add-ins are 32-bits you have to install the 32 bits office 2010 with 32 bits PowerPivot. I hope they launch a 64 bits Excel 2010 version soon!
You have to have a SSAS (2005/2008 /2008R2)  instance installed on your network, not the in memory PowerPivot instance but a regular version.

I used this video to guide me in the demo’s Introducing the Table Analysis Tool for Excel 2007. You can download the Excel data mining add-ins here (more videos in there to see the possibilities).

UPDATE: The SQL Server Data Mining team is working to extend the power and ease of use of SQL Server Data Mining to the Cloud. You can use this add-in to run datamining against a service in the cloud, you don’t need a SSAS instance installed ! Check it out on this page: