SCRUBS: SQL Reporting Services audit, log, management & optimization analysis

Thanks to twitter i found out about a great Codeplex project called SCRUBS:

CRUBS your SQL Reporting Services Logs to provide management, auditing & optimization reporting.

SSRS provides robust logging in the Execution Log, but no management metrics in the box. You’d have to develop your own DW, SSIS procedures and metrics for reporting. Not anymore!

Start Scrubbing your SSRS Execution Log & Gain Insight!

Want to know the longest running SSRS reports? Top users? Which reports should be targeted for optimization and tuning? How about IT Governance; to determine who’s reviewing certain types of data, or who isn’t using your platform at all?

SCRUBS for SQL Server 2008 – Community Edition Includes:

  • Datawarehouse schema
  • SSIS ETLs to scrub the Reporting Services Execution Log
  • Reports! Check out our Report Catalog
  • Source Code

I’ve looked at it and it is a great project gives you all kinds of insight in your reporting environment. The community version is free and gives some great reports, you can get the full pack for as little as 100 dollars. Download the package here:

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