Sessions at SQLBits

I am very happy to share that I’ll be doing several sessions at the SQLBits conference this year.

I will be doing the following sessions:

  • We now have an exciting developer story for Power BI, the session Developing for Power BI I will go into how to write applications for Power BI and show you several examples. Lot’s of code here, from PHP to .Net, JSON and REST and OAuth.. not your average BI session Smile.
  • The BI Power Hour will be done for the first time outside of a pure Microsoft event, ill be doing this together with Power Hour superstars Matt and Matthew:  BI Power Hour
  • Lastly I will do a Pre-con together with Matt and Matthew where we will take an entire day to take you through the entire Microsoft data stack from Azure Data Factory and Azure Machine learning to Power BI. This is going to be a great way to see how all of these services work together and get a in depth overview of what all these services contain.

Looking forward to seeing you there!