SharePoint 2010 PerformancePoint Services really adding value

The current Performance Point 2007 is pretty nice and has some nice out the box functions, but many request of customer can’t be easily solved by PerformancePoint 2007. But the new wave of PerformancePoint Services functions, that will be released in SharePoint 2010, offer a bright future for the product. One of these functions is Time Intelligence for Microsoft PerformancePoint Services:

Flexible Formulas: Specify almost any time period desired with a rich syntax and flexible formula language. Powerful “To Date” functions enable users to observe performance thus far. With these, creating seasonal adjusted metrics such as year over year (YoY) year to date sales have never been easier.

And link together your dashboard with potent Time Intelligence filters to dynamically change, explore, and analyze your data with respect to time.

Another great function is: Calculated Metrics

With calculated metrics you can create much more advanced metrics to use in your dashboards.

This release we have introduced a new feature called “Calculated Metrics.” Calculated Metrics are powerful for several reasons:

  • Can use multiple data sources in the same formula.
  • Can use different data source types in the same formula.
  • Is expressed in simple Excel-like formulas.
  • Supports logic flow.

What i really like is the cross datasource functionality and the ease the analysts can create their own dashboards.

The guys from the PerformancePoint services blog promise us even more function in the future! So keep posted

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