Simple Access to Spreadsheet Data Using the Excel Services 2010 REST API

Excel 2010 will be a developers heaven, the MS excel team has written a blog post on how you can get to certain data in a Excel sheet published on Excel Services 2010.

The opportunities for using REST are virtually endless. To spur your imagination, here’s a sampling of some ways to use the REST API:

  • Embed a chart or range in a web page, blog post, etc.
  • Embed a chart as a “linked” image into a Word document, PowerPoint presentation, or Outlook mail, and have always up-to-date information.
  • Build a “mash-up” that uses Excel Services for calculation, charting, and/or as a data source.
  • Build a Windows 7 gadget that displays information from an Excel workbook
  • …and many more ideas I am sure our customers will think up.

Phew the SharePoint 2010 product will really be “social” and really enable self service. Read the entire post at their blog.

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