SQL Server 2008: Best Practice Design Alerts warnings

New in Sql Server 2008 are the integrated Best Practice Design shown as warnings, a lot of times you want to ignore these warnings because you know it isn’t applicable in your situation.

Before you deploy your project, you should clean up – to the extent you wish – the current warnings in your project. Warnings won’t stop your deployment, but you should make a conscious decision whether to ignore the surfaced warnings. A comprehensive list of all warnings in your project can be found in the Error List window (which you can open with Ctrl+E). Double-click on an error to access the designer and fix the problem. Alternatively, you can right-click the error and click dismiss to clear it off the list if you don’t intend to fix it. You can even add a comment to document your reason for ignoring this error. This method of clearing the error is instance-based and will not clear the same error if it’s found in a different dimension or cube. To globally dismiss a particular type of error, whether proactively before you start development or after the fact, you can access the new Warnings tab in the Database editor (which you can open on the Database menu by clicking Edit Database). Incidentally, the Warnings tab also contains a list of the warnings dismissed individually and the related comment.

Found at at: http://www.sqlskills.com/BLOGS/STACIA/post/SQL-Server-2008-Best-Practice-Design-Alerts.aspx

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