SQLPASS Europe 2010

SQLPASS 2010 Eu conference is all over, i had a great time. Meeting a lot of great, knowledgeable people and watching great session (and drinking german beer 🙂 ).

The pre conference i attended was the official  SQL server 2008 R2 release event, where Donald Farmer did 3 presentations on SQL Server 2008 R2. Great to see the master at work.

Session at the conference i attended were:

And at the end of the second day was my PowerPivot session. This was the first time i spoke at a large conference, so i was very honored to be here and it was great to talk about PowerPivot to an enthousiastic crowd.

this is me at work:

I had great response after the session even though the session started late because of beamer trouble :(.

What i liked very much was the SQLKitchen where you could answer questions one on one instead of in a few minutes during the presentation, too bad it wasn’t very busy all day. Next year there will be more focus on the SQL Kitchen according to the organisation:

Thanks everyone for attending and making it a great event !

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