Tabular translator for SQL Server 2016 on github

With the just released CTP 3.3 for SQL Server 2016 Analysis Service we can now provide translations to your Tabular models. As you might have seen in the blog post you can export a file from SSDT that can be used to translate the model. But often you want to give this file to someone in the business or even a translator. It would be nice if they had something else instead to just enter in the translations. Well in comes the open sourced tabular translator I created.

With this you can open any file that was exported from SSDT and add translations directly into this UI:


Now you can save the translations and load them back into SSDT. Voila you now have the translations available.

The code to do this is available on GitHub here. To get this running yourselves is download (or pull in Git terms) into visual studio from GitHub (using this awesome VS extension) and build it.

The project is taking commits so anyone who wants to update it feel free to fork it or make changes to directly.



5 Replies to “Tabular translator for SQL Server 2016 on github

  1. Hi and thank you for sharing.
    How do I use it if I only install SSDT for SQL Server 2016 RC1?
    I tried to launch the VS GitHub extension but it says no compatible product has been found.

    Thank you,

  2. Hi Kasper,
    Does this application also support translating DisplayFolders? That is not apparent from the screenshot above, where it looks like only the Caption and Descriptions can be edited.

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