The future of information workers according to Microsoft, and BI plays a big part

I just couldn’t resist sharing this (from GeekWire)

This might be as close as we’re going to get to a time machine. Unless they’re working on that, too.

Microsoft this morning is premiering a new video that shows how the company believes technology is poised to evolve over the next five to 10 years, based on the trends its researchers and engineers are seeing in software, devices, displays, sensors, processors and intelligent systems

just watch it and tell me if you see the same things I did:

Yes it is the future according to Microsoft (as a whole not just the AS team 🙂 ) and as you can see it contains a lot of BI in all shapes and forms. BI will be really immersive in every decision we make. And of course someone has to build the models and tools 🙂

  • In one word: WOW!

    Lots of BI indeed, with additional smart systems that respond to it.

  • Hans Geurtsen

    Curious to see how many of these cool ideas will cary an apple on it the coming years… Although, putting an apple on a transparent, credit card sized phone will be a challenge… I hope Microsoft will succeed in turning all these cool ideas into cool and good selling products!