The rise and history of Power BI with Amir Netz

In this episode of Kasper On BI we are talking about the history of Business Intelligence at Microsoft with one of the early founders and Technical Fellow at Microsoft Amir Netz. We talk about the rise of MOLAP and the dominance of Enterprise BI at Microsoft and the rise of Self-service BI tools that brought Microsoft to a tipping point. With that came the rise of PowerPivot with its groundbreaking column store engine VertiPaq, PowerView with new ways to present data and PowerQuery to transform and connect to any data. All of this turned into Power BI as we know it that is again dominating the market. Finally, we will talk about the renewed focus on Enterprise BI with Power BI and what is next!

The expert on today’s episode is Amir Netz, technical fellow at Microsoft and CTO of Power BI. He has been with the company for over 15 years. All this time he has been working on Microsoft Business intelligence story and was one of the visionaries that brought us Power BI. You can read more on Amir at this great story on the Microsoft People site:

The links discussed in the episode:

2 Replies to “The rise and history of Power BI with Amir Netz

  1. @Amir -The Power BI Team have to thank the weak and short sighted leadership of the Excel team for their existence.
    Try selling your product with a full fledged Vertipaq engine , a full fledged mashup engine and a reimagined visualization layer in Excel and nobody is going to give you 10 $ / month
    It is so sad to see the fear and the contempt that other teams in Microsoft have towards Excel

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