The rise of self-service BI, PowerPivot and Power BI and how it changed the world with Rob Collie

In this episode of Kasper On BI we are talking about the rise of self-service BI and how that is different from traditional BI. It had fundamental changes to how we work, not just for the organizations themselves but also for the consulting firms. We also talk about the early days of BI in Excel and Power BI with the development of PowerPivot for Excel.

The expert on today’s episode, Rob Collie, had a front seat to all of it. Rob runs a Power BI consulting firm, is a former Microsoft PM that worked on Excel, the early days of DAX and PowerPivot before becoming the world’s first PowerPivot celebrity. We know him from his books and the PowerPivotPro blog. These days he is highly active with his own P3 pod cast.

Links mentioned in the episode:

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