Times are Tough, BI Still #1 Priority for CIOs

Gartner reports that BI is the number 1 technology spending priority for CIO’s for the fourth year in a row.  This in combination with flat IT spending in 2009 means CIO’s will be looking to get more “bang for their buck” and extend existing technology investments for BI.
Lower the total cost of technology is also a very hot topic at the moment and in 2009 CIO’s will look to take steps to make a more efficient technology spend. Some additional areas that are highlighted in the report include:
  • Modernize the technical infrastructure, as new technologies offer lower cost
  • Use less energy
  • Deliver better performance and provide greater capacity
The CIOs surveyed represent more than $138 billion in corporate and public-sector IT spending, encompassing 1,527 enterprises across 48 countries and 30 industries.
Read the enrire report here:

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