Use subreports to create multiple parameter driven reports based on data

Last week i had a customer who wanted a report of a whole bunch of stats and some charts on a report with a parameter by department. But they wanted to have the possibility to call one  report which they can export and print and not select all detail report department by department and export and print.

I decided to create a detail report with a single parameter by department and use sub reports to call the detail report in the parent report. In the parent report Ii created one dataset with all the departments (same value as used in the parameter in de the detail report).

I created a tablix with just one value, the department just created in the dataset:rep1

After that I deleted the title column and selected the value cell and double clicked the subreport icon at the insert ribbon:rep2

Now just select the detail report and set the parameter to the value of the Dataset you want to show in your sub report:rep3

Pretty easy!

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