Using a Report Model from SharePoint in Report Designer (BIDS)

Today i tried to get my Report designer to work with a Report Model that was published to a SSRS in integrated mode. Ok i found this handy page from MS Working with Report Model Query Designer. Well that was simple .. o no it wasn’t we dont have a “Server=http://reportserver;” anymore in MOSS integrated mode.
After some fruitless tweaking the datasource i went to the net and i found a MSDN blog post: Using a Report Builder Model as a Report Designer data source in SQL 2005 and in the comments was the answer of using these models in integrated mode:
“you can use the report model as a data source within BIDS in SSRS integrated mode. Create the shared data source of type “Report Server Model”. Use the following connection string to connect to the report model within your SharePoint Lib:
“server=http://; Datasource=http://MODEL.smdl
**Important, you’ll need the fully qualified URL to the model ncluding the .smdl extension
For your example your connection string should read the following:
“server=http://localhost/ReportCenter/Data Connection; Datasource=http://localhost/ReportCenter/Data Connections/myModel.smdl””

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