Using bookmarks in reporting services reports

You regulary have big reports with a lot of data (e.g. sales of your product by country per city, think adventureworks). To make life a little easier for your report users you can add Bookmarks so they can jump to the country they want immediately. To attain this is very easy using the bookmark action.

In this sample i use the adventure works cube to show internet order count by city, by state provice, by country. Since this is a big list i want users to jump to the country they want to see.

To start i made the report i wished the users to see:


I want users to select the country from a list of country’s on top, add a table and group it on country.


Now to add the bookmark go the the textbox properties of the country field of the list and select bookmark and set country as value:


Now you have to add the destination of the bookmark jump in the data tablix, go the the country field and set the bookmark propertie to the value country:


Now you have bookmarking in place you can add some visual extra’s like page breaks after the country list, making it visible/invisible depending on the number of available country’s (thin when using security).

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