Using Excel 2010 slicers on a SSAS Molap datasource

On of the benefits of moving to Office 2010 (besides of course getting access to PowerPivot 🙂 ) is the existence of slicers. You can use slicers for all the Pivottable inside Excel 2010, not only PowerPivot but also a regular Pivottable on Excel data or based on SSAS Molap.

In this example I have connected to a Molap database and created a Pivottable to show the sales per Currency type:

Now I want this report to be dynamic per Year. We can use a slicer to slice the data per year.

Go to the ribbon, go to Pivottable tools, Options, Insert Slicer:

This will open a window that let’s you select the attribute you want to use in your slicer :

In our case we want to use CalendarYear. This will give us the following report on top of Molap:

Very cool 🙂