Using SharePoint List Data in PowerPivot

My colleague Uday Unni created a very interesting white paper on “Using SharePoint List Data in PowerPivot”:

One of the many features of Microsoft SQL Server PowerPivot is the range of data sources that can be used to import data. Anything, from Microsoft SQL Server relational databases, Oracle databases, and Microsoft Access databases, to text documents, can be used as data sources in PowerPivot. In this paper, I explain one of the new and upcoming data sources that people are excited about – SharePoint list data in the form of Atom feeds. This white paper goes on to explain the different ways you can import SharePoint list data into PowerPivot, what types of lists are supported, various components that need to be installed to use this feature, and where to get those components.

download the entire whitepaper here.


3 Replies to “Using SharePoint List Data in PowerPivot

  1. The link for the white paper is not included and I can’t seem to track this down at all. The only thing I am seeing with this title is Dave’s blog posting from last year on the topic.

    1. thanks, there were some problems with the whitepaper so I took the link offline. Now it is supposed to be back 🙂

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