What’s the ROI of Performance Management?

What is up with all of this talk about dashboards, scorecards, planning and budgeting tools, data visualization, closed-loop performance management and what can it actually accomplish for your organization? What value are other organizations seeing from their investments in performance management technology, if any? A recent research report from BusinessWeek uncovers the mystery behind what organizations are actually realizing from these business driving solutions, some of the highlights include:

· Two thirds of the senior executive whose companies use performance management say it has a positive effect on shareholder value

· Organizations exercising world-class performance management practices enjoy a 2.4 times market returns of typical companies in their industry

· The broader the distribution of BI and performance management tools, the higher the potential return on the investment

· The biggest return on investment can come from extending performance management to front-line workers, like telemarketers and collections staff

So if you haven’t already, give your dashboard a hug, it certainly deserves it.

From the MS BI Blog.

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