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ok ok, I am much to late to the party for #meme15 by Jason Strate

From the post by Jason:

#meme15 is dedicated to discussing and sharing tips and tricks for blogging and using social media.  This can be from a personal or professional standpoint.  The intent is that through these posts by myself and others will provide some insight into how to succeed in these areas.

This month’s writing assignment was:

  • Why did I start blogging?
  • Why do I currently blog?

I was reading the excellent blog post by Jen Stirrup that sparked me to share my experiences as well.

Why did I start blogging?

I started blogging on November 1st 2007 to share the things I found on the internet with colleagues, customers and myself 🙂 At the time  I was working as a consultant and I visited customers who were not as much into blogs and the internet as I was. This gave me the opportunity to share what I found, but at this point it was just aggregating other blogs.

Around 2009 I started writing a little bit more substantial blog post with the CTP release of Project Gemini now known as PowerPivot, PowerPivot really changed my enthusiasm to a whole new level. From this post on I started doing more substantial blog posts to share about my experiences on Gemini, this also was my way into the product team (Through Rob Collie and his blog PowerPivotPro.com) that helped me when I got stuck on Gemini. After a while blogging and twitter got me into the online community and I started doing presentations on SQLSaturday and other events. And eventually it led me across the pond to the us to work for ms.

Why do I currently blog?

Since I started to work for Microsoft my blogging situation changed quiet a bit, but I still love blogging. Why do I keep on blogging?

  • Since i now have the latest information, i can share it the moment the product gets out
  • I really like my ask a questions page, it gives me a good idea what you all are doing with powepivot and it gives me ideas on what to blog about.
  • It allows me to test out the product with some real world scenarios
  • Gives me ideas for presentations
  • It keeps me connected to the twitter and blogging community. I really like the community but sometimes it’s really hard to stay connected to the world outside Microsoft.

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