Windows Presentation Foundation Data Binding

This week i have a .NET 3.5 WPF course by the good people of U2U. One of the most interesting new things is Data Binding.
A short introduction:
Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF; formerly Avalon) introduces a profound new way to develop user interfaces for rich clients. For the first time, WPF separates design of the user interface from the code. This separation means that, much like ASP.NET, your markup is typically in one file, while the code is in another. This separation exists only at compile time, though. The markup file is used to generate code that is married to the code file in order to produce your application.
To facilitate the design, Microsoft has developed a rich markup language called XAML. XAML is an XML-based markup language that supports a new model for developing applications that has native support for many different user interface concepts, such as 2-D and 3-D drawing, animations, control containment, control and document flow, as well as a rich data binding model.
One of the most impressive samples i’ve seen:

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