Windows RT and Analysis services

For those of you who have been following the news with all the wonderful new devices that MS will ship and have been wondering what they will mean for the Analysis services products here is what this will mean for the Windows RT devices.

This is what RT does not support:

So you might wonder what is left ? Well one of the most important features of Excel (for Analysis services) is still available: pivottables. You can also still connect to a BISM service (either Multi dimensional or Tabular). As the RT is not domain joined you have to provide the domain username and password when connecting:


So even when using RT you can connect to your AS datasource.


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  1. Thanks, Kasper. I’ve joked in the past that all of the product messaging coming from Microsoft tells us only what product will do and never what thy won’t do. It is nice to get this kind of information to help us know what tools and products to use for what purposes.

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